SIDO 2024 International Spring Meeting
Verona – Palazzo della Gran Guardia
April 19-20, 2024

Many thanks to all the participants, speakers and sponsors who made the SIDO International Spring Meeting an unforgettable event and sold out!

Your participation, knowledge sharing and support built valuable bridges for the future of the hashtag#Orthodontics. Each image tells a story of connection, inspiration and innovation.

Six compelling stories of exceptional personalities, destined to inspire and leave their mark, infused energy and innovation into the Smart Talk sessions:
➤ Tania Cagnotto (former diver and Olympic champion)
➤ Martin Foradori (J. Hofstätter Estate)
➤ Erich Gummerer (TechnoAlpin)
➤ Matthias Moser (Eurocar Group)
➤ Moritz Sanoner (Adler Spa Resort)
➤ Enrico Steger (Zirkonzahn)

“This congress was a much bigger success than expected, and it’s only the Spring Meeting! You all know that there will be our big event, our SIDO International Congress from October 17 to 19 in Florence, and of course I expect you there too in large numbers and I promise you an equally, if not more, captivating program… so come, we are waiting for you!” Ute Schneider-Moser, SIDO president.

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