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D I S C O V E R   H O W   T O   C O N T R I B U T E

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MZ EVENTS has implemented an Event Sustainability Management System in accordance with the ISO 20121:2012 standard, aimed at managing and minimizing the impacts generated by events organized with a focus on environmental, social, and economic sustainability.


Our commitment to sustainability is not just a corporate priority but a collective responsibility.

We invite all our participants, speakers, sponsors, and suppliers to share our sustainability principles.



Economical Sustainability

Staff in compliance with legal and labour regulations, fiscal transparency, and territorial enhancement are our key points.

Social sustainability

Medical-scientific dissemination for the local population.
Sustainable work environment.
Employment of social cooperatives.
Attention to gender equality and inclusion.

Environment sustainability

Promotion of activities with sustainable purposes such as tree planting, donations, and redevelopment activities.
Purchase of carbon credits.


Separate waste collection in the office and at the event venue.
Use of recyclable exhibitionstands and signage material.

Food for Good

Project Food For Good by Federcongressi to recover unconsumed food in favour of local non-profit organizations (Onlus).

Menus featuring only seasonal products.


Sustainable Organization

Procedures and activities that make all events as sustainable as possible.

Plastic Free

Recovery and recycling of your badge plastic holder.

Water dispensers for the use of personal water bottles.


Paper Free

Promotional and informational in electronic format.
Digital badges with QR code.

Sustainable Locations

Privilege congress facilities and booth construction companies that are certified ISO 20121:2012 or those who share the underlying sustainability policy.

Sustainable Suppliers

Use of ISO 20121:2012 certified suppliers or those offering sustainable products/services.

Sustainable Communication

Use digital marketing tools to reduce printing.
Communication of MZ Events’ sustainable

Sustainable Mobility

Encourage travel using low environmental impact means: carpooling and using train.

Encourage small meetings “remotely” through the use of telematic tools.




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