MZ Sustainable Events

MZ Events: A New Horizon in Event Sustainability

 MZ Events proudly announces and is pleased to have obtained ISO20121 certification, number IT330158-1, a milestone marking a turning point in the commitment to being a sustainable organization for sustainable events.

This certification is the result of a team effort that began two years ago with the analysis and revision of organizational procedures, culminating most recently during the 51st National Congress of AMCLI in Rimini, our pilot event in the application of sustainable practices, verified in all its sustainable aspects by the certification body Bureau Veritas.

MZ Events began applying the principles of the standard within its office as early as 2019, with a series of very practical measures:

  • The installation of a purifier that dispenses filtered natural and carbonated water, significantly reducing plastic usage.
  • Signing an agreement with ATM (Milan Transport Company) to facilitate the use of public transportation for the staff.
  • The purchase of multiple bins for waste sorting and recycling in all offices.
  • The installation of recyclable plastic cups and stirrers in the coffee machine, with the option to use one’s own mug.
  • Significant reduction in the number of prints and copies made in the office.

According to UNEP 2009 (United Nations Environment Program), an event is sustainable when “it is designed, planned, and implemented in a way that minimizes negative impact on the environment and leaves a positive legacy for the host community.” MZ Events has fully embraced this vision, aiming for significant applications of the standard that go beyond the mere economic dimension of events, including environmental, social, and cultural impacts, and promoting significant partnerships and synergies.


We want to highlight a fundamental principle in our procedures: the ability to apply a good level of sustainability to all events organized by MZ Events, whether for small or large courses and congresses, Association or corporate events.

The values that guide our sustainability vision include:

  • Social inclusion, listening to and meaningfully involving all stakeholders, ensuring they have a voice in the decision-making process.
  • Integrity, keeping promises and commitments, being transparent about business practices and honest in communication.
  • Ethical resource management, carefully considering the expectations and rights of all stakeholders, taking into account not only financial interests but also the social and environmental impact of actions.
  • Transparency, openly sharing information, experiences, and best practices, responding promptly, clearly, and honestly.

MZ Events’ sustainability objectives focus on:

  • Cost reduction through the rational use of resources.
  • Increased innovation, seeking new technologies, materials, and services that can effectively reduce environmental impact.
  • Improvement of product quality and user experience.
  • Reduction of health and environmental risks.
  • Strengthening our commitment also in an international setting.

This commitment aims to actively engage participants, respecting expectations and increasing attractiveness for customers and sponsors.

The Management would like to thank all the MZ Events staff and the study committee of this project (Marina Festinese, Pietro Cantatore, Diana Valli, and external consultant Dr. Fabio Gilardenghi) for the work done, to be continued with training and updating on the topic.

“The ISO20121 recognition for MZ Events signifies more than just a certification; it embodies a commitment to a future where each event becomes a catalyst for positive contributions to both society and the environment. MZ Events is excited to participate in the change in the events industry, demonstrating that sustainability and success can go hand in hand,” declare Mauro Zaniboni, Monica Sellari, and Stefano Montalbetti – CEOs of MZ Events.

MZ Sustainable Events
Food4Good - Federcongressi&eventi project to recover surplus food from events
Recovery and recycling of plastic badge holders
Detailed information to engage all attendees in event sustainability actions
Use of water bottles and water dispensers to avoid the use of plastic bottles
Poster management using digital mode to eliminate printing and transportation of panels
Women's Day celebrated with sustainable flowers made of sustainable recycled paper
MZ Events staff for a social day of volunteering at Banco Alimentare warehouses
MZ Events staff for a second social day of volunteering at Banco Alimentare warehouses
“Inclusive” Christmas lunch at PizzAut Monza, a pizzeria run by boys and girls with autism