Creative Communication

an indelible mark for every event

Creativity and professionality

A S   T H E   C E N T R A L   P O I N T
O F   Y O U R   M E S S A G E S

Each project is unique and is developed with a dedicated strategy studied with particular attention by the MZ creative communication team together with the client.


We design and create the graphics and image of your communication. We study and analyze logos, texts, images and colours, enabling us to make your event captivating, functional and effective and eye-catching to the increasingly demanding public, creating a unique and coherent graphic style in all printed and digital content.


We create  websites and related apps, with unique graphics that are designed to be consistent with the study of your image. We create the graphics of the program and all the necessary printed material.


We structure editorial plans for social networks. We create constant, innovative, emotional and integrated useful contents for the public. The graphics as well as the texts are carefully curated. We create and plan e-mail marketing campaigns designed for each stage of your event to inform and keep your contacts updated.

What we offer

  • Creation of the coordinated image and printed material for the event (programme, badges, rollups, posters, etc.)
  • Study of the editorial plan
  • Creation of newsletters and email marketing campaigns
  • Creation and management of social channels
  • Creation of hashtags/slogans
  • Development and continuous updating of the website and dedicated APPs
  • Management of photo and video material before and after the event
  • Direct online promotion
  • Creation and management of pre and post event survey forms


at your disposal for the organization of medical scientific congresses and corporate events.

Our division MZ EDUCATION

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Customized solutions for the Pharma sector, in compliance with regulations and codes of ethics.
MZ Events is a MedTech accredited company.

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organizing “tailor-made” trips and experiences that are unique and just for you.


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is always ready to create Hybrid and Online events.