MZ Events offers you a selection of locations suitable for hosting your successful Board Meeting

For almost 40 years MZ Events has been organising, with ever increasing enthusiasm and dedication, events large and small.

With experience, MZ Events has matured a certainty: the location in which your event will take place, be it large or small, plays a fundamental role in decreeing its success. This certainty is especially true when it comes to board meetings.

Until now, your company has planned these small events in-house: it is clear that this choice undoubtedly entails cost savings and less effort in logistics management. However, we are convinced that in this way the event loses its effectiveness. Do you aim to strengthen team spirit? Do you aim to consolidate management leadership? Push the sales force to market a new product or reward top performers? Then get out of the box and… out of the company! Take the event to a historical residence, a farmhouse among the vineyards, a small hillside village or a mountaintop!

A meeting that does not take place on the farm brings out individual soft skills, highlights spontaneous group dynamics, reduces barriers and distances and finally increases learning capacity because a different environment from the usual one opens the mind and makes it more receptive to external stimuli.

This becomes even more strategic when combined with experiential activities. And science says so: research conducted by the University of Utah has shown that full immersion in nature has beneficial and measurable effects on the relational, creative and problem-solving fronts.

Throughout the boot of Italy, from north to south, including the islands, MZ Events offers a selection of locations suitable for hosting your successful Board Meeting!

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