Heartbeataly concentrates the energy and experience in the Italian territory with creativity and passion to find great solutions for any type of event. Every single project is “tailor made’, every client is special.

Scopri Heartbeataly

MZ Incentive

Incentive, staffed by experts in Incentive travel working with Italian and international companies, is a special division of MZ International Group MZ Incentive has flown guests all around the globe over the years.

From the Galapagos islands for a magical cruise, and creative adventures in almost every country in South and Central America, to exciting safaris in Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and Tanzania, and trips to discover the mysterious beauty found in the Far East such as Malaysia, Thailand, China, Myanmar, Vietnam, and of course numerous short breaks all over Europe.

Professional Staff

The trusted partnership with their clients that has lasted over the years, is something that makes proud. We give our complete attention to all the requests we get from clients, and it does not matter how big or small the projects are. Over the past few years, MZ Incentives have had the opportunity to organise and host an increasing number of events and trips in Italy, which is a “dream come true’ for the professional staff that love working and showcasing their own country.

International collaborations

Marry Italian and international companies have collaborated with MZ to organise sales conventions, prize trips and special events all around Italy. The opportunity to share knowledge and passion for this incredible country, and work on projects that deliver unforgettable moments for participants and clients, is what drove MZ Incentive to create Heartbeataly. Heartbeataly is the Dmc (Destination Management Company) of MZ Incentive that concentrates the energy and experience in the Italian territory with creativity and passion to find great solutions for any type of event. Every single project is tailor made” as they consider every client to be special.
The activities cover the whole country, from the furthest northem regions crowned by the Alps to the southern islands where the Mediterranean pushes towards Africa. Their commitment for quality and authenticity drives them to seek the best solutions for their clients.

Tailor Made Travel

Whatever type of trip you are searching for, Heartbeataly can tailor a program just for you. They can suggest a road trip through lakes and mountains taking in jaw-dropping scenery, a time traveling trip taking you back in history to enjoy the monuments and buildings in ancient cities; a gourmet centred programme with mouth-watering food and inspiring wine, learning how to make some basic dishes Italy is an extremely diverse country, and this aspect makes it very special. There is always something to suit any budget, something to consider even if the guests have been to Italy numerous times. There is always something new to be discovered!

MZ Incentive with Heartbeataly together with the well-known excellence of MZ Congressi, PCD for Scientific Congresses in Italy and all over the world, MZ Associations managing scientific associations, MZ Education, the CME department, make MZ International Group a good choice for any area of event management in Italy.

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